Can open source code be a lead magnet? It sure can! Creating open source projects within the community that integrates your product (think freemium subscriptions) is definitely a viable way to generate qualified leads for your business!

Open source lead magnets can be things like:

These are not only a great way to get your team involved in the broader community but they can educate developers, drive awareness and tie into your overall business strategy.

True story: for my Gatsby course, I built the sample using Contentful CMS simply because it was the easiest to integrate and get started with. It wasn't the point of the course so I needed something that wouldn't get in the way of me teaching Gatsby. Now when I think of a headless CMS provider, I think of Contentful!

The best part is that it never felt like I was being marketed or sold to. It was just making my life easier. 😎

Open source lead magnets

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