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I really enjoy sharing what I learn and I regularly speak to technical audiences on different tech topics, including personal finance. I have spoken at international and regional conferences like React Summit, NDC, Connectaha, MDC, MinneWebCon, and more.

Tired of Tech? Hit Reset with a Sabbatical or LOA by Kamran Ayub - GitNation
Tech is tiring. Whether you’re trying to stay upskilled on the latest JavaScript framework or wading through toxic work swamps, it feels like burnout is constantly looming on the horizon. Sabbaticals and leaves of absence (LOAs) are two benefits you could take advantage of to catch a much-needed (an…
Developer Program Leaders Forum | Presentation, Discussion | Data-powered strategic decisions/DevRel
Developer Program Leaders Forum #1: Meeting Challenges and Scaling Sustainably in 2023After the Developer Program Leaders survey closed, we want to offer you…
Higher DevEd (Developer Marketing Alliance Drop-In, Feb 15)
In this session, I discuss what Higher DevEd is, how it helps with marketing, and the differences between product vs. technical marketing.
Pluralsight Clips
Clips from my various Pluralsight courses covering Open Source, GitHub, Azure, Gatsby.js, Cypress, Ionic Framework, RavenDB, Docker, and Progressive Web Apps.
Money is Undefined or Not an Object: Personal Finance for Developers (2021)
Links and resources: is a talk about how I accidentally learned to manage my money better after stumbling acro…
This is currently the most impactful talk I give
Designing a Flexible UI Architecture with React and GraphQL - Kamran Ayub
Many line-of-business apps we build today are “forms over data” applications. That data has its own backend schema and business rules, used by systems across…
Building Scalable, Maintainable Apps Using TypeScript and React - Kamran Ayub
Building real-world, maintainable applications is hard in JavaScript which is why there’s such a rich ecosystem of frameworks and libraries to help make that…
Using Storybook to Build a Better... Game Engine? (MDC 2020)
May 4, 2020 -- MN Dev Conf. Storybook is a tool that makes it easier to build, test, and document UI components in isolation. That’s already fantastic but le…

Client Work Samples

Here's a selection of some of the work I've done for clients.

The Power of Time Series in RavenDB
Full article – video demonstrates a sample crypto price demo modeled after the popular Robinhood trading app. The histogram is pow…
Working With Market Data Using Time Series in RavenDB
See how to use the Time Series document extension in RavenDB to build a histogram visualization for crypto prices using basic APIs.
High Availability Database Clustering Strategies
High availability database strategies - How RavenDB can help mitigate networking issues using different availability strategies and their trade-offs
Database Hardware Optimization Strategies to Reduce Hosting Costs
How do you optimize your hardware to avoid transient failures? What to consider when sizing your CPU, memory, and storage hardware to best optimize RavenDB’s performance for your needs.
CAP and ACID Optimization Strategies for Database Consistency and Availability
ACID database optimization strategies for availability and consistency, to build resilient applications that stay up when disaster strikes.
Database Health and Server Monitoring
Database health monitoring and server tools - What should you monitor inside and outside of RavenDB.
Data Loss Prevention and Data Recovery
About data loss prevention and ways to recover data: Prevent accidental loss of data and bring your application back online with RavenDB.
Using NuGet Packages to Power Up RavenDB Indexes
Leverage the power of NuGet packages within RavenDB indexes to offload work like image EXIF indexing or ML.NET analysis.

Professional Training Courses

These are professional courses I've published on Pluralsight:

React 18 Debugging Playbook
Do you wish you spent less time debugging React code? This course will teach you how to quickly diagnose common issues using the React Developer Tools so you can spend more time writing your application.
Creating Plugins, Themes and Starters with GatsbyJS: Playbook
GatsbyJS’s flexible architecture allows you to deeply extend its behavior. This course will teach you how to develop custom plugins, themes and starter templates that make it easier to customize and reuse Gatsby code across multiple projects.
Testing Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide compelling native-like experiences to users. This course will teach you how to execute a testing plan for your Progressive Web App using automation tools and cloud-based testing services.
Contributing to an Open Source Project on GitHub
In this course, you will learn how to get involved in an open source project by being an effective contributor. You’ll understand how to onboard yourself, engage the team, work with others, and walk through real-world scenarios.
Microsoft Azure Developer: Implementing CDNs for Storage
Learn how to leverage Azure CDN to efficiently serve content from Azure Blob Service with both public and private storage accounts.
Microsoft Azure Developer: Configuring CORS Access for Storage
Learn how CORS enables you to restrict cross-origin requests for Azure Storage services and how to automate rule configuration using various Azure SDKs and tools.
RavenDB 4: Getting Started
RavenDB enables you to build scalable, high-performance NoSQL applications. This course will cover the basics of RavenDB, including what features it offers, usage with .NET, querying & indexing, and management using the powerful Studio interface.


These courses are no longer available.

Introduction to TypeScript [Video] | Packt
Building practical, maintainable and scalable applications using TypeScript
An 8-hour masterclass on TypeScript, which I intend to update and rewrite into a game-based learning experience


Once or twice a year, I help design and build a game in 72 hours as a member of the Excalibur.js team – I work on concept, design, art, sound, programming – you name it!

Sweep Stacks

Ludum Dare 31

Sweep across the screen to clear blocks! This finished in the top 2% (out of 3,000+ games). People got addicted to this one.


Beach Breach

Ludum Dare 50

Defend your sandcastle from crabs, turtles, and seagulls in this beach-themed tower defense game!


I Just Wanted Groceries

Ludum Dare 38

Avoid talking to people and finish your shopping!



Ludum Dare 48

Dig deeply and quickly to get to your next metal gig, but what out for the mechanical snake that pursues you!


The Show Must Go On

Ludum Dare 46

Keep the theater production going as the only actor!


Office Daydream

Ludum Dare 41

Balance the needs of your job with the needs of your dream!



Ludum Dare 35

Absorb enemy projectiles and close the portals!


Crypt of the Minotaur

Ludum Dare 33

Play as the Minotaur to defend your treasure!


Kraken Unchained

Ludum Dare 29

Play as the Kraken and destroy ships!


Open Source

I've been maintaining FOSS projects on the side for over 12 years.

TypeScript Web-based Game Engine. Excalibur.js has 45 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
kamranayub - Overview
B2B OSS growth consulting. Maintainer on @excaliburjs. Pluralsight Author, Speaker, Consultant. - kamranayub