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Docs on the rocks?

Hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Kamran. I'm a developer educator who helps companies reduce friction in their docs, samples, and courses so they can accelerate developer adoption.

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Do you want a high-quality API or SDK?

According to the developer research firm SlashData, 47-65% of senior developers expect better docs and samples for high-quality APIs.

That's why developers are asking for things like...

  • Better, clearer docs
  • More tutorials and guides
  • Deeper learning content
  • Quickstarts, toolkits, and templates
  • Real-world sample apps

Your developers expect better docs and samples

But maybe you don't have the time or in-house developer educators to give developers what they want.

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Get help from a seasoned software architect and developer educator

As a consulting developer educator, that's where I come in. I can help you remove friction from your developer learning materials.

I don't just "write docs," I use proven learning experience design (LXD) frameworks and methodologies that result in more engaging, accelerated learning so developers can get started with your product faster.

Here are the kinds of work I've done:

  • Define documentation strategy and approach
  • Create developer personas for marketing and DevRel teams
  • Audit docs and developer experience to find places where devs get stuck
  • Better communicate value propositions
  • Integrate live code editors and playgrounds
  • Develop open source templates and quickstarts
  • Create video courses and demo applications
  • Write deep-dive technical guides and eBooks

These activities have helped clients:

  • Increase MQLs and SQLs
  • Improve pre-sales education for prospective customers
  • Educate existing customers on complex product features
  • Increase conversion for prospective developers with faster POCs and time-to-value
"But how will you learn our tech? It's nuanced!"

Heard that one! My background is in enterprise web dev and platform engineering at companies like General Mills and Target – in roles ranging from frontend engineering to DevOps architect. I'm also a Pluralsight course author who has helped educate over 15,000 professional software developers. Most of the courses I've developed over the years are for advanced topics across a range of tech like React, Gatsby, Cypress.js, PWAs, GitHub, Microsoft Azure, and RavenDB. It's my job to take complex things and make them approachable, and your APIs & SDKs are no exception.

Here's the thing: if someone like me can't grok your product or docs quickly with dedicated time, you definitely need my help. How do you think your average busy developer with a short attention span is doing?

Here's what to expect if you work with me

I know, I know – you've probably worked with freelancers or agencies that suck up your time – you know, time vampires. πŸ§›βŒ› I guarantee I am not a time vampire (yes, that's in my contract).

Instead, here's how I work:

  1. You schedule a call or send me an email to chat about your situation
  2. I'm curious. I take a consultative approach and ask a lot of questions
  3. I take the time to understand your overall business objectives, OKRs, and KPIs you measure against, usually in a 1-3 week paid discovery phase.
  4. I don't take on projects where I can't tie my work to a measurable result (could be more learning sessions, lower docs bounce rate, higher docs interactions, whatever we agree on).
  5. If it's a good fit, I propose several options (at a fixed fee) to start a project

We'll probably be a good fit if:

  • You lead a developer GTM or DevRel team doing $6M+ in revenue
  • You don't have in-house developer educators
  • You have a primarily sales-led motion and want to start a developer-led motion
  • You want to educate and inspire developers
  • You love open source

Want to learn more? Schedule a free discovery call and we can talk through your situation.

I promise not to get "sales-y." If I don't think it's a good fit, I'll try to refer you to folks who might be better positioned to help you.

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β€œNo one in our company could provide such high-quality content, presentations, and videos.”

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β€œKamran ranks among the top in terms of his commitment to educating and leveling up his peers.”

Still not sure?

No problem, here are some ways to stay in touch with me async.

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Hi, I'm Kamran πŸ‘‹

I work with dev tools to remove barriers to adoption because my mission is to help reduce Net Developer Frustration in the world.

I host the DevEducate podcast and have a newsletter on developer onboarding which has been featured in the Developer Avocados Weekly and DevRel Weekly newsletters. πŸ₯‘πŸ

I’ve upskilled over 12,000+ professional developers through my Pluralsight video training on DevTools like React, Cypress, Ionic Framework, Gatsby.js, and GitHub. My Microsoft Azure courses were part of the AZ-204 certification learning path.

I used to build and design enterprise developer tools and was a tech lead on developer experience & enablement teams scaling million-visitor brand websites at Fortune 500 companies like Target and General Mills. My contributions have not only increased developer satisfaction but also increased the speed to market for both internal enterprise apps and consumer-facing product experiences. I once won the Moonshot Award during Target's Innovation Week where I led a team that proposed a bet-the-business innovation to Target stores. I'd tell you what it was but I'd have to kill you.

I've shipped 9 web games on the side. One of the games was the #1 web game in the Ludum Dare 31 Game Jam and made it into the top 2% overall. Not bad for 72 hours.

I love to teach developers and I routinely speak at international conferences like React Summit and NDC on technology topics. But, fun fact: my top-rated talk that I give multiple times per year is actually my personal finance talk where I teach developers how to manage their money better.

I'm a dork, I love RPGs and home DIY, and I live in Minnesota where I work when it's cold out and take summers off with my kids for the 3 months it lasts.

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