Hi, I'm Kamran Ayub πŸ‘‹

I am a DevRel consultant who helps open-source tech companies accelerate developer adoption and drive brand awareness.

I believe developer relations comes down to effective developer education, or DevEd. That's because developers are allergic to traditional marketing tactics – they smell it from a mile away. I help companies think about their content marketing as "teaching developers at scale."

I've been working in the open-source space for over 12 years, both as a maintainer and contributor, inside and outside Fortune 500 companies like General Mills and Target. I've been a professional developer educator for over 7 of those years, developing video courses for companies like Pluralsight around open source technologies like Cypress, Gatsby.js, and GitHub. In my past life, I worked on 100+ person engineering teams building full stack solutions using technologies like Node.js and .NET. During my career I mentored and coached teams by developing talks, workshops, courses, onboarding, and documentation to help them be successful.

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