If you're smart about what recipes you cook (like my wife is), you might have leftovers.

What are leftovers good for?

Oh, a lot.

The kids are angry you stopped their podcast in the car and are jumping all over the couches – which you TOLD them not to do today because you JUST cleaned.

So, you have leftovers to maintain your sanity.

Throw it in the microwave.

Add 30 seconds. (then 30 more, poke a finger in, then 30, no, stop at 17).

Ah just right.

Now you can clean the living room, do the laundry, read the kids a book, and try to make bedtime a little smoother today.

Creating content is the same way – instead of sharing the initial ingredients (knowledge space), you can reuse what's left over (until it all gets eaten).

Content leftovers are things like:

  • The transcript of a video
  • The notes and script of a slide deck
  • The edited-out parts of an article
  • The questions in a webinar
  • The images in product docs
  • UI in a sample app
  • Code snippets in the docs
  • A sidebar conversation before recording the podcast
  • A stat in a whitepaper or case study

They are the bits that get left behind during the content production process or even the non-essential parts of the content that might stand alone.

Content leftovers, like the content itself, let you...

It's content inception.

Go take care of the kids.

Have a lovely day,

Don't have time to make all-new content? Have leftovers!

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