Content can be produced in one format and then converted to another format. Like converting WAV to MP3, to the consumer it sounds, looks, and feels (basically) the same.

Convert a set of blog posts into an ebook.

Convert a conference talk into a webinar.

Convert a podcast episode into a YouTube video.

Convert a static code snippet into an embedded JSFiddle.

(And vice versa, for all of them).

In all these cases, the essential format is the same – writing is writing, a talk is a talk, audio is audio, and code is code.

Sometimes, details are lost just like when converting analog sound to digital sound. Other times content can be edited to fit the new format a bit better. And still other times, it may offer new affordances (like better accessibility or shareability).

Critically, conversions can usually be automated. Like using Transistor's auto-publish or sending a blog post as an email newsletter.

Conversions can be great to cross-post to different channels and are a quick-win approach to broadening reach.

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Converting content

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