Transforming content is like baking an apple pie. The apples combine with other ingredients to become something new – but the apples are still there. Their soul is preserved. You cannot bake a strawberry rhubarb pie with apples.

Baking takes time and effort.

Think about lyrics: taking music and turning it into text. What about instrumentals? What about mixed or backing vocals? Baking lyrics are hard.

Here are some ways to transform developer content:

  • Transform a video course into an HTML course.
  • Transform an article into an infographic.
  • Transform a webinar into an email course.
  • Transform a blog post into a podcast episode.
  • Transform a podcast episode into an eBook.
  • Transform a code snippet into a blog post.

(And vice versa, for all of them.)

Transformations are useful because it's a way to reuse and recycle. Code, thoughts, ideas, scripts, audio – these are all assets you can keep leveraging again and again.

Transforming content always takes time and you can't really skip baking otherwise you've got no pie.

But that doesn't mean it has to take all the time in the world.

How? Tomorrow I'll give you an example.

Have a lovely day,

Transforming content

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