Umami is a Japanese word for an off-the-wall taste experience – to say it's simply "savory" is to sell it short. It's umami.

If your content is food (which it must be because we consume it), then you want your content to have that umami sensation.

In other words, you want to leave not only a good taste in the reader's mouth but also leave them wanting more.

You can create DevEd with umami – but it takes a lot of effort.

It isn't just creating documentation – it's creating interactive samples within the documentation.

It isn't just creating a video tutorial – it's creating a video tutorial that tells an engaging, fun story that's worth caring about.

It isn't just a producing self-paced course – it's producing a self-paced course that is a memorable experience unto itself.

Creating content with umami is about creating better content that differentiates you from everyone else churning out fast food content.

Have a lovely day,

Umami content

Ditch content that doesn't convert.

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