When you drive awareness and leads, that's like letting Mario know that Princess Peach is in trouble. Please help save her!

Saving Princess Peach is a deeply desirable outcome for Mario so he is happy (nay, eager) to jump into action.

Imagine if Toad came to Mario and said any of the following:

"Mario, I have 50 Fire Flowers for you if you'll just click here."
"Mario, my name is Toad and I have a mushroom head. If you're not aware, Gartner rates mushroom heads as a mission-critical feature for quest providers. Mario? Will you look at me? Mario?"
"Mario, I see you're using a legacy hammer, how quaint. I've got this modern cloud-native hammer that's way better. I can send you a free trial if you'd like."

Do you think he'd respond as eagerly?

"Save Princess Peach" is a strong value proposition (for someone like Mario).

Have a lovely day,

PS. Not sure if your FOSS project is easy to get up and running with? Request your own community lovedown and get actionable feedback that will help remove friction in learning your project. Or forward it to a maintainer who you think might be interested. Or sit back, relax, and binge watch previous videos.

You could save Princess Peach

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