In 2011, Amazon found that every 1-second increase in page load speed cut conversions by 5%.

Gatsby recently featured an auto dealer agency that discovered that "every extra second of page load time increases the bounce rate by roughly 1.5% and decreases session duration by about 10%."

We know web performance affects the bottom line.

Learning performance is the same.

It's as critical as web performance for product adoption.

Friction in learning reduces the adoption rate of your product, just as every increase in page load speed reduces conversion for retailers.

"Friction" doesn't mean it stops someone from adopting your product – it slows it down, it's an opportunity to bounce. But enough friction will cause someone to abandon your product.

Yes, some prospective developers will push through – but plenty won't. How many times have you left a site because it was slow or broken?

It's not enough to simply get people to show up at your door. You have to help them cross the threshold.

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Friction in learning reduces adoption

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