When you're low on time or resources, you simply can't produce all your developer content on your own. So naturally, you look outside – hire an agency or freelancer. But there's a trade-off.

You trade convenience for control.

Not just quality control but process control and creative control – really, all the control.

When I buy groceries I use Instacart primarily.

Instacart has a well-oiled system to get Shoppers from point A to point B, optimize delivery routes, and direct lines into the inventory of their partner stores. That's not something I can influence (hardly) or have control over.

Sometimes, the shopper can't find something (not their fault), can't find a suitable replacement (forgivable), picks a subpar replacement (mildly annoying), or forgets to get something (more annoying).

That's fine. This is the price of doing business with Instacart. The thing is, I don't want to go grocery shopping at the store every week. So I'm happy to give up control to the shopper.

Similarly, you might not want to (or can't!) write articles so you hire someone else and give up control. If you pay more, you likely get better-quality articles and more input into the process. It's not full control but it's some control – like providing "notes" for my Instacart shopper.

This is... fine. Hire Instacontent. You will probably be happy with your content quality just like I'm happy with the meals I make at home.

Buuuuut there is something critical I'm leaving out of this picture and that is your ecosystem.

Have a lovely day,

PS. Tip your grocery delivery shoppers at least 10% people.

Outsourcing to Instacontent

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