What do you call a clip of a TV show or movie, where the audio is replaced by funny captions? A cinememe!

I love these because they take care of one huge issue in video production – the video. And let you focus entirely on the content (which normally involves writing jokes and that's haaaaaard work).

Here's one about JavaScript and data types, between Kramer, Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza:


You can find more of these on festivus.dev, created by Den Delimarschi.

Can a cinememe be used for education as marketing? The cinememe is the format – the content itself can be educational. I think it would be used more on the awareness-side versus farther down the learning funnel. For example, this one about choosing a database gets into talking about concurrent writes, which you could imagine some database products have opinions on.

Does it have to be funny? Well, it does have the word meme in it. Seinfeld is a comedy but there are lots of different kinds of shows and movies – horror, action, romance, sci-fi, drama. All of these have comedy variants. And I would guess that comedy is more likely to go viral.

No matter the genre, the key ingredient is tension – setting up the joke is the tension in comedy (and the punchline releases it), the conflict between characters gives soap operas tension, whereas the tension in horror is... well, obvious. (If you think you can't create tension in a horror movie without sound, have you watched A Quiet Place?)

It feels like the nature of the cinememe will lean towards humor but with some creativity, I wouldn't rule out "serious" cinememes yet.

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