This week a new web3 education site launched, NodeGuardians. And it's a prime example of gamifying DevEd with character progression, quests, skill trees, and items, using a fantasy RPG theme. It is giving me Dark Souls and Destiny vibes and I'm lovin' it.

This experience definitely has umami. On the gamification spectrum, this isn't a "full learning game" – the learning is still done through step-by-step tutorials. Instead, gamification is used as a way to create engagement and adds flavorful context. Using web3 allows them to verify tutorial completion (on the blockchain) and track progress which I think is a great use of the technology.

These are just my first impressions and I'll have to dive deeper into the experience to do a mini-case study in the future. But it's definitely some awesome inspiration – maybe you can see how your own branding strategy could influence how you "re-skin" your education.

Have a lovely day,

NodeGuardians is gamified DevEd for learning web3

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