When your learning experience incorporates phrases that are blurry it makes it hard for the learner to clearly understand you.

My wife was relating to me how there's this lady at work, she called her Corporate-speak, the person.

Apparently, in a meeting, this lady said to the group:

"I'd like to lift ideas into the space."

My wife was annoyed.

"Why does she have to say it that way, just speak English! She could have said, 'Let me get your thoughts on this.' or 'Anyone have any thoughts?' or 'I'd love to hear your ideas.'"

I told her that I bet it was from a popular speaker. When I Google the phrase, I can't find a source or any results related to this usage.

I can only assume that at some point, CSTP heard this phrase and decided to incorporate it into her lexicon. Funnily enough, my wife said her previous boss was notorious for speaking this way.

This is blurry phrasing.

It introduces friction.

They might have to pause/stop what they're doing to look up what you said (and then get distracted). This is especially true for regional audiences.

Instead of "lifting ideas into space," just ask for everyone's feedback.

Don't be blurry, be clear.


Blurry phrasing

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