If I asked you what your current documentation strategy is, and you said:

"We are planning to cover all major features in our docs by Q1 next year."

You didn't tell me your strategy – just what you're doing this quarter. It doesn't answer why.

It's like asking, "What's for dinner?" and the answer is, "Lasagna. And it has to be ready by 6pm sharp."

But why? We hardly ever make lasagna! And why by 6pm sharp?!

Without making it clear what problem you face, you cannot create a cohesive strategy to overcome them.

When developers fail to take the step to try your product because they don't understand your value proposition or get stuck in the "Getting Started" tutorial because they've never seen Docker before, those are challenges.

When buyers don't get how your product helps them during sales conversations because they compare you to competitors, that's a challenge.

A strategy is a coherent response to getting past a challenge.

Once a challenge is diagnosed and communicated clearly, then you can come up with different strategies to address it.

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But, why are you having lasagna for dinner?

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