Software is never done. The tools or dependencies required to adopt your product will eventually become a point of friction if you don't update them.

All food goes bad if you don't restock it.

Yesterday I listed the ingredients for a cucumber cooler gin cocktail.

Limes last a week or so on the shelf but sugar lasts months. Cucumbers go limp. Mint browns.

Versions go out-of-date.

Dependencies get security vulnerabilities.

Learners might be using older or newer versions.

These are all things that will eventually happen over time, across your learning experience.

Keep taking stock of your prerequisites, or each one will become rotten eggs that prevent adoption.

Have a lovely day,

PS. Recently, I saw an episode of Fixer Upper where Chip got scared of an egg that had been left in a fridge for I can only assume – months – because when he touched it fell on the floor and exploded in a cloud of gas. 😱

What do all foods have in common?

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