A few weeks ago I mentioned I had the opportunity to host the first Developer Marketing Alliance Drop-In webinar. The topic I chose was Higher DevEd, sometimes called "developer learning experience platforms" which is a mouthful.

Talking Points

  • Why does upskilling matter for developers (and for you)?
  • What's the difference between product marketing and technology marketing?
  • What does the spectrum of DevEd look like?
  • How does Higher DevEd help you grow?

View the recording of the session below!

Since it was a webinar with a small group, I designed it purposefully to feature quite a bit of interaction and I didn't get to all the bits I wanted – but it was a great first-time session, I even interviewed one of the attendees for the podcast soon after!

Have a lovely day,

Webinar Recording: Driving Developer Adoption with Higher DevEd

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