Self-centered marketing

Self-centered marketing
Credit: Midjourney

The easiest place to start when creating content is from our POV – to be self-centered.

How can our product be used with X?

How can we make people aware of feature Y?

How do we drive people to this landing page?

You know you suffer from this if most of your content marketing has your product in the title of the piece.

This is backward – none of these questions are focused on who you're serving: developers (or technologists or technical decision makers or economic buyers, etc).

If you want to put your marketing into overdrive, start with who you're serving and what pain they're having – and then figure out how your product addresses that pain.

Our audience is confused by X, how does our product make that clearer?

Our audience wishes for Y, how does our product give that to them?

Our audience hates Z, how does our product let them avoid that?

Our audience wants to use A, how does our product fit in with that?

You might realize you have another problem – you have no idea what your audience wants/dreams of/hopes for/hates with a passion.


I'm playing with Midjourney. I thought having the audience be blank generic faces was a pretty hilarious touch to represent treating developers as one persona.

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