12 things you can do in a live developer event that are pretty nifty

Are you treating live events like in-person events? Stop limiting yourself!

Live events offer more scale and interaction than in-person events. With in-person, there's an "interactive tipping point" where you'll never be able to involve everyone.

With a live event, everyone's connected, everyone has an opportunity to participate, and you can get people involved.

Here are some ideas:

  • Guest speakers
  • Town halls/forums
  • Community standups (.NET standup is well-attended)
  • Co-working time
  • Demo days (show off features with who built them)
  • Customer success stories
  • Interactive workshops
  • Audience show and tell
  • Happy hours (okay, PubConf is the exception)
  • Group party games (hello Codenames!)
  • Breakout rooms
  • Bug bash

Hope that's flipping some bits in that ol' noggin of yours.


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