Mr. Rogers would likely agree that guest posting is like bringing food over to a neighbor's. It's a lovely way to meet people and reach adjacent audiences to yours. Almost always, a quality guest post will attract people to your site for as long as it lives.

This is a "customer success" post written by a CFO at a firm that creates auto dealer sites using Gatsby:

What We Learned About Web Performance From Building 100+ Auto Dealership Websites With Gatsby | Gatsby
Our company built 100+ auto dealership websites on Gatsby. We found that every extra second of page load time increases bounce rate roughly 1.5% and decreases session duration about 10%.

If someone came across this article who worked at an auto dealer (yes, they do have web devs!), do you think they might reach out to Charles? Heck yeah, probably!

What about an example of DevEd from another product? Here's one by Kentico on the Gatsby blog as well:

How to Build Multilingual Sites with Gatsby | Gatsby
Gatsby is a React-based open source framework with performance, scalability and security built-in. Collaborate, build and deploy 1000x faster with Gatsby Cloud.
This isn't the first Kontent guest post either.

Why do they work?

At a content level:

  • Charles is a customer of Gatsby's and is basically acting as a trusted brand advocate on behalf of Gatsby which adds even more oomph to the post.
  • Kontent is a complementary product to Gatsby, they don't compete and if someone's looking at a multi-lingual headless CMS solution they'll likely hit Gatsby's blog over Kontent's.

And at an SEO level: backlinks are an indication of trust. From the second article, Google will see a link to this page and then to Kontent, neither of which is marked with nofollow. That means: rank++.

Guest posting is a great tactic for "win-win" content – remember, this is not a zero-sum game.

Have a lovely day,

Won't you be my neighbor and bring some content over?

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