Here are some reasons why developers are motivated to learn

Here are some reasons why developers are motivated to learn
Credit: Midjourney

Ever asked what motivates your community to learn? It's not your product. The reason lives at a higher abstraction than that.

Here are some examples:

"I think about the future I want to live and then remind myself I can’t show up for others and not be there for myself."
"I don't feel like I 'fit in' to the tech I have to do everything I can to change that, so that maybe, someday, someone else won't have to question whether or not they fit in."
"My increasing competence at coding is what keeps me going. When I see that I'm less confused and more certain and productive at what I'm doing, I can tell that progress is being made, which feels good."
"Competition. All I tell myself is that a challenge is like an obstacle, many might give up and eliminate, but I can't afford to lose. I need to win"
"Remind myself of my goal! And also acknowledge my progress thus far. :3 Sometimes a lil break is necessary for me so I do that when needed to and come back with a fresh mind"
"I remember the reason why I started. The kind of life I want for myself."

Some of these sent shivers down my spine.

If these are not positive and profound reasons developers strive to continue learning, I don't know what are.

It's going to be different for every person, across all walks of life, in different stages of their developer journey. That's why designing anything without understanding who it's for is the biggest mistake you could be making.

Companies and educators who understand they are just a tiny piece in the jigsaw puzzle of life have an unfair advantage in designing learning that moves developers closer to their end goals.

Have a lovely day,

Thanks to Chef Zona for the prompt to her community of learners.

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