McMansion strategy

McMansion strategy
Credit: Midjourney

There is a phrase we use to describe those suburban developments with tract homes that all look the same – McMansions. They are builder homes and they all follow the same architectural design and layout. They are modern and look nice but they all look the same.

You can go ahead and copy a competitor's tactics and build a McMansion strategy. You'll fit in, you'll see some results, and not make too many waves. The trade-off is that buyers will not see you as differentiated. (Should I get the one with the covered patio or the one with the backyard hot tub?)

Here's the thing...

McMansions aren't designed for the people that live in them – not really. They are designed upfront for mass appeal.

If you want to stand out, you'll need to – you guessed it – build a custom home. Be the only mid-century modern in a sea of New England homes.

That takes work because that's intentional design.

But the best part is that this isn't like IRL, you don't need to spend millions (I mean, you could). It's actually just designing new strategies.

Use positioning to move closer to your ideal buyers, use branding to make your exterior appealing, and use learning experiences to make lasting friends. Infuse all of it with design thinking to understand at a deeper level what your market wants to see from you.

Perhaps most importantly, take chances. Experiment.

Paint the house hot pink (if it supports your brand strategy).

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