A public open source product is a window (or VIEW for you SQL nerds) into your internal culture. It's part of your brand. Lurkers and potential contributors will be watching how you work with new first-time contributors and interact with community members.

It's important to set the standards and practices your team uses when operating in public. It's also important to look and see how things are doing from time to time and adjust as necessary.

Frances Coronel shared her framework, ONWARD, that helps maintainers maintain themselves and their community in a healthy and welcoming way.

ONWARD: A framework for maintaining maintainers
Regardless of whether you have 3 or 3,000 contributors, empowering others is an essential part of open source, says @FrancesCoronel. Get her advice on how to optimize collaboration:

Adopting or creating a framework like ONWARD for your team will help you align your brand with the way your developers work internally and in public.


Your OSS project is a reflection of your internal culture

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