Why does understanding learning styles are myth matter anyway? Surely it's good to create different kinds of content.

It is... and it's important because we are creating content for others, not ourselves.

But when you repurpose content or make your next content plan, I want to challenge you.

Instead of justifying creating "more" content as:

"We need more content so we can cater to different learning styles."

I would reframe it as:

"We need to be intentional about what content will be most effective for what outcomes we want to achieve."

You can still write an article – but this framing will help you decide when to plan for an infographic, a carousel, an embedded code sample, or a short video that will be most effective at teaching your audience what you want them to know.

In terms of learning performance, slicing and dicing content into more forms "just because" is premature optimization. It's over-engineering!

If you just take learning styles at face value and assume you "need" to cater to any and all types of learners, you'll be stuck in a neverending loop of creating more content (we need an audio version of this! a video clip of this! a graphic here! a podcast there!).

This puts undue pressure on you and your team to create more content instead of making content better.

Have a lovely day,

Learning styles are a myth, part 4

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