Stas wanted some feedback on his new open-source project: rdoc-markdown.

I released an open source library that generates markdown documentation for ruby language and libraries.

This library is a small part of my side-project called Posh TUI, API documentation browser for developers.

I did two lovedowns, each focused on an aspect of the learning experience.

This is the first of those, focused on messaging and value proposition.

Here's what Stas said in response to the video:

This is great! I immediately started fixing issues that you've highlighted.

Here are some friction points I cover:

  • Understanding what pain the project is solving
  • Understanding what the outcome is
  • Where to find a demo or example
  • Interpreting folder names

Check it out below:

If you made it this far, you're a lovely person!

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Lovedown: rdoc-markdown

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