A couple of days ago I talked about identifying assumptions underlying your current DevEd strategy.

Here's one you might have:

"Our DevEd content is only for developers."

Is this true? Nope.

Even though we say "developer education," your audience is technologists – and they all need learning solutions. In Pluralsight's State of Upskilling 2022 report, 61% of technologists use self-paced learning to upskill (with 32% being a mix of self-paced + collaborative). And PS is investing heavily in "tech fluency" with their new business-focused Tech Foundations offering.

Developers and leaders may have different objectives and constraints for consuming learning content (hello learning personas!) – but your DevEd content can serve them both effectively. A technical founder is both a practitioner, decision-maker, and a business leader. They like to learn about stuff too.

Only creating DevEd for individual contributors means you're missing the forest for the trees.

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DevEd is not just for devs

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