In the sample dev journey audit I'm putting together (more on that soon!), I am tracking "intent to implement" which I see as a contextual input to developer onboarding.

You can think of it like this: if you intend to go to the coffee shop tomorrow, and then it rains, do you still go?

Depends on how strong the intent was, right?

If you intended to go because you're meeting someone, then yes, you'll go.

If you intended to go because you felt in the moment like having a Venti Blonde, then maybe you won't -- the rain is too much friction.

Similarly, if I am trying a dev tool and going through the getting started guide, I am willing to put up with some threshold of pain IF my intent is to implement.

If that's not my intent, my pain threshold is lower and I'm more likely to abandon when I encounter too much (cumulative) friction.

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Intent to implement

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