Descript is an AI-powered audio/video editing tool that I use for podcast production. On the last Fundo Friday I recorded a session where I showed you how to extract segments from a podcast episode into a new composition to create multiple "audiogram" clips.

In that session, the way I knew how to do it was to highlight the selection and use the "Duplicate" tool to copy it to a new/existing composition, like this:

Duplicate to tool shown in Descript

WELL, as I will be apt to say here, learning never stops.

Turns out – there's a faster (or maybe, alternative) way, if you want to do it all at once and in one go. It's called Highlights. I learned it from watching a random tutorial video on Descript on something else.

I'll walk through it below.

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Fundo Friday: Extract talking points all at once from a podcast

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