What's life in a test kitchen like without some fun experimentation? Welcome to Fundo Fridays. Yes. Like "fondue" but... fun... do. (I told you to be ready for more food jokes, didn't I?)

Since this is the first one, I'll explain for a second but it's what it sounds like: having fun doing something on a Friday related to DevEd. I may turn these into Twitch streams because these are RAW, UNEDITED, and HALF-BAKED videos on a topic I'm learning that I think may be helpful for you.

My plan is for these to be at or below 30 minutes and we juuuust made it today. So grab your drink of choice, sit back, and relax while you learn about something new that might help you get better at creating developer content.

This week's Fundo Friday event is about creating branded, social-ready "audiogram" templates for your podcast in Descript, something I was learning about this week as I get ready to launch the podcast on Monday. (If you don't know what an audiogram is, watch the video or see my previous quick look of Descript for an example)

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Understand how Descript editing works and how projects are organized
  • Understand how to extract audio segments from a podcast into new compositions
  • Split compositions into multiple clips (without a Pro account)
  • Create reusable templates your team can share and use quickly
  • Create audiograms to post on social media or elsewhere

If you're viewing this on the web, the video is available after the break below once you're logged in.

If you made it this far, you're a lovely person!

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Fundo Friday: Extracting Reusable Audiograms in Descript

This week's Fundo Friday event is about creating reusable "audiogram" templates in Descript, something I worked on this week as I get ready to launch the podcast.

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