In games, when you view the game from the perspective of the player, only seeing their gun or arms, that's called a "first-person view." That's why FPS stands for first-person shooter, like Halo or Call of Duty. When you can see your character as you play, that's the "third-person view."

When you write copy for your open source project or product, imagine yourself looking at it from the first-person view of your audience. You're looking out from behind their eyes. They are the player of the messaging game you're in.

It does not matter if your messaging seems weird to you or someone on your team because they aren't the player, you are all non-playable characters (NPCs).

What matters is the perspective of your players.

So think FPM – first-person messaging.

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Fun fact: most games with a first-person camera view actually use heights that are much lower than a real person and often speed up walking because using a real-world height/speed feels too slow/unnatural in the game.

First-person messaging

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