“No plan survives first contact with the enemy.”
– Attributed to Helmuth von Moltke (“The Elder”), 1800-1891

It's the same with messaging. Except "the enemy" is exactly the opposite of how to think about the developers you are helping.

Before even writing any copy, talk with your developer audience first. Get to know them, how they speak, the lingo, the jargon, their thoughts, their feelings. You want to be in their heads when writing copy.

Once you do that, draft some messaging. Put it into a Google Doc first and share it for editing/review. Not with the potential audience but with trusted people who give generous feedback. What you're looking for is to cover gaps in assumptions – nobody is perfect and other people might see things you don't.

Don't try to get it "perfect," perfect doesn't exist.

Ship it and keep iterating on it until it starts to lead to the action you want people to take.

Have a lovely day,

No messaging survives first contact with developers

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