Previously I discussed the invisible sub-process of boiling developer water on the pour-over diagram (email titled, "Developer temperature (Pour-over, part 3)").

As I hoped, this brought up more questions that we can explore together.

Lovely reader Stephen asked:

Can you elaborate on "Evaporated developers"? The phrase is interesting to me.

Stephen is referring to this section here (highlighted) where the water evaporates:

All water evaporates. Even cold water – at a lower rate but it evaporates nonetheless.

In this metaphor, there are multiple stages of evaporation:

  • When you heat the water (positioning & messaging)
  • As you pour (targeting)
  • When the water percolates (bounce rate)
  • As it filters down (conversion)
  • Over time, it escapes the pot (churn)

At every stage of the developer journey, some will evaporate. It's natural.

Have a lovely day,

Evaporated developers (Pour-over, part 5)

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