In the previous pour-over part 3, I pointed out that the heating sub-process represents positioning and messaging. So what does the kettle of developer water represent?

Clearly, you cannot just take all the city's tap water to brew your coffee. You're taking a slice of the entire market and bringing them over to your community coffee maker.

You are literally reaching over to grab those developers.

The implications of this on developer marketing should be a bit more obvious now:

  • You won't be able to reach every developer
  • It's okay not to fill the kettle to the brim for every activity
  • Positioning and messaging improve marketing results
  • You can't do proper positioning and messaging without knowing your audience
  • These are more than "nice to have" if you want a good pot of coffee
  • This is not obvious when all you're measuring is how much coffee is in the pot

Have a lovely day,

Reaching for the developer water (Pour-over, part 4)

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