It smells amazing, I can't believe you didn't use Redux! One approach to creating a bunch of owned content is by inviting external contributors.

Inviting external contributors is a great way to:

  • Network into your niche
  • Leverage the author's own audience
  • Bring in expert content
  • Diversify your voice
  • Keep things on-brand

Unlike a potluck, you have a bit more control. You can review articles before submission, keep them on brand (custom art!), and choose how much creative control you exercise.

It's kind of like a soup swap – and yes, it's just like it sounds.

Each friend (niche!) brings a soup over (consistent and on brand!) and you all divide the soups into portions that you then eat over the week (meal prep!). The soups are delicious (expert content!) but not all the same (diverse!). The friends all go back to their houses and share the different soups with their family (leverage adjacent audiences) – oh, who made that coconut curry soup, it's delicious?! Kamran did? He got the recipe from Bad Manners. Oooo I'm gonna check it out (a lead! warning: swears abound).

But unlike your friends, you gotta pay external contributors so... I guess it's more like inviting a bunch of personal chefs (or celebrity chefs?!) to cook your meals. That's going to get pricey – and perhaps unsurprisingly, it's not going to make you (or your team) get better at cooking killer content.

Have a lovely day,

PS. For an example, see LogRocket's blog.

Bring your Grandma's famous React soup to the next swap

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