Last night as I was working on my course on React debugging I ironically ended up debugging the React Dev Tools themselves.

You see, in-between sessions, the Dev Tools had some new releases – and the extension broke in weird, strange ways.

I made a clip that I included in a GitHub issue:


When you encounter a third-party tooling issue like this during a video course, it's a problem – after all, you want the versions of your tools to remain as consistent as possible for the learner so they don't get confused or distracted.

But it also creates opportunity.

It's an opportunity to contribute back to the OSS ecosystem and get the issue fixed before your learners might encounter it.

It's also an opportunity to add some umami to your DevEd – anticipating a potential issue, warning the learner, and including troubleshooting steps if they do end up encountering it especially if it's not fixed or part of a common version they might download.

Have a lovely day,

Uncovering third-party tooling issues during course creation

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