The annual DevRel Survey is out, and this year it's made available online in an interactive way (of course, you know I love that). 😍

DevRel Survey 2023 | State of Developer Relations

There's a ton of data I'm still sifting through, but here are some relevant highlights.

DevEx is important but folks are uncertain how to audit

90% of respondents say developer experience is important, but only 44% actually audit their developer journey. Are we missing resources on how to perform DX audits?

I've previously offered to perform free DX audits in exchange for creating case studies to try and develop an offering around this, but no one's taken me up on it! Either I am not talking to the right people or failing miserably at telling people about it (both are equally likely 🔥). If that sounds like something you want, hit reply!

Educating and enabling developers is the 2nd most cited purpose of creating a DevRel program

80% of respondents say educating and enabling developers is the purpose of their program, just behind driving awareness and adoption (85%).

In other words, top of funnel is still... well, the primary motivator for DevRel, but supporting middle of funnel is the next most important activity.

This probably explains why 31% of DevRel teams report to marketing. Since the survey is taken by DevRel folks, this isn't too much of a surprise, but outside of DevRel I think there's a lack of understanding about the value of DevRel (something discussed on the call today).

Content creation is a challenge, but there are limited budgets

The top challenge is creating content – but there's less of a budget to address it. That means people are looking for ways to do more with less. Maybe I can do more Fundo Fridays focused on speeding up content production techniques. Maybe someone wants an AI workshop specific to creating technical content? 🙂 Check out my recent talk below on how something like that could look.

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The State of DevRel Report 2023 is out!

Some DevEx and DevEd highlights from the recent State of DevRel 2023 report.

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