Recently I was making a recipe. It has a step in the directions that says:

Slice chicken on a bias

I didn't know what that meant. I had to look it up. BUT I didn't look it up the first time – I cut the chicken into slices. Why? 🤷‍♂️I couldn't tell you. Maybe I was lazy, maybe at the time I was too busy to care, I just wanted to eat.

But this last time I made the recipe, something stirred in me, and I wanted to close the loop, so I hit up my BFF Google and asked, "What does slicing on a bias mean?"

Guess what?

It just means cutting the chicken at an angle.

What the heck! Why not just say that?!

When writing course content, keep the learner in mind at all times and try to exorcise jargon unless it's vital for comprehension. Will a professional cook know what "slice on a bias" means? Yes. Will the at-home cook? Maybe. Probably not.

If there's a more straightforward way to say something, say it that way, even if it takes a few more words.

Have a lovely day,

Slicing content on a bias

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