Not sure if your FOSS project is easy to get up and running with?

Get actionable tips with a Lovedown

I'll record a video of up to 20 minutes with no prep, giving my fresh take on the first-time learning experience of your project.

This is free for community OSS projects.

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"This is great! You should charge for this."
– Erik Onarheim, Maintainer of Excalibur.js

But I don't, not for community projects – because I want to see you succeed and build a sustainable OSS project.

When developers get stuck while getting started with your product, it's frustrating for them.

But it's really hard to know when it happens because many times people don't take the step to open an issue or let you know.

A lovedown is like a teardown except I'm trying to build you up, not tear you down. I'll spend 20 minutes so you can see, visually, whether your first-time learning experience is delightful or has some friction to address.

I process requests on a first-come, first-served basis every Friday. I will send the link to you and also share it in the newsletter so other members can learn from or provide their own feedback via the comments section.

Free members can binge watch past lovedowns and join in on the discussion to help other maintainers.

Interested in something a little more private? Just let me know.