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Steal my templates for creating compelling developer personas and empathy maps to level up your developer relations strategy

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What are developer personas?

Developer personas are "sketches" of your product's ideal end-user developers who work with your product or API/SDKs. They aren't "real" people but they are based on the patterns and insights you see in your audience. They are focused on B2D (business-to-developer) but might overlap with your sales-led Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – or they may not.

If you are pursuing a developer-led or community-led growth strategy, they are indispensable tools. The toolkit includes an example persona, SaaSy Savio, that is based on real interviews, data, and insights.

Why are personas useful?

Personas are part of human-centered design – they are a strategic tool. They help you answer the question, "Who is this for?" They help you develop empathy and feed into your marketing and DevRel efforts. They help you create compelling technical content and learning materials by systematizing your insights and conversations across your developer community.

What's in the toolkit?

  • Persona template, including the Developer Journey map
  • Persona long-form sketch
  • Empathy map for learners
  • Customer awareness level map

This toolkit has taken inspiration from multiple sources like Aaron Beashel, LXD, Eugene Schwartz, and the DevRel Book. I use it with clients and on my open source projects.

Here's a collection of blog posts I've written that cover ways to use personas:

Personas - Lovely DevEd by Kamran Ayub
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Access the toolkit

The toolkit is a Google Slides deck you can download, copy, or modify to your heart's desire:

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