It might be nice if people stopped by to chat with your advocates or team at the conference booth. But conferences are busy, noisy, and often create circumstances that uh... aren't great for interaction.

I can think of tons of situations where I couldn't easily interact:

  • Your reps are busy talking to people and I hover awkwardly close by and pretend I hear them, nodding with feigned interest
  • Your reps are not busy at all and I don't want to be the only person at your booth
  • I can't hear the demo narration and you didn't add subtitles
  • You're not projecting your voice as your theater teacher told you to do
  • The booth is so cool and popular, I can only appreciate you from afar
  • I'm short and my viewing angle is "sub-optimal"
  • I'm just passin' by on my way to another booth

If your product helps people like me, it'd be a shame for us both to miss out on some ROI if I can't interact with you.

So: when (if) someone pays attention to your booth, how will you deliver some passive ROI in a memorable way?

The passive ROI of conference booths

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