As much as 15-20% of the population are neurodiverse – and plenty of developers are part of that population. StackOverflow wrote about developers with ADHD and what they want you to know.

Speaking for myself, I suspect I'm neurodiverse in some way – though I've never officially been diagnosed. But judging by my actions, the ways I prefer to work, the constant juggling of irons in the fire, and my weaknesses to distraction – well, let's just say I have mounting evidence for it.

Visual representation of my work life

What does this mean for creating developer education? Here's a tweet I saw out in the wild that crossed my TL recently:

Tweet saying "I try to follow tutorials but I can't follow long ones"
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One approach to making long tutorials accommodate neurodiverse people is to break them into a step series or a learning path. This has the added benefit of gamification by showing your progress.

An example from Medusa.js learning path

For example, I shared before how Medusa.js uses "recipes" for longer learning sessions – this way, people can leave and come back at any time without losing progress or where they're at. I plan to integrate something like this into the next version of the Excalibur docs.

What other ways have you seen dev tools design and accommodate neurodiversity?

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Neurodiversity and long tutorials

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