Recently for Excalibur we've been seeing some success driving traffic through blog posts cross-posted to (with canonical source set to our blog). These are not written by me or Erik, they're written by some of our amazing community members and contributors.

Excalibur — DEV Community Profile
A 2D game engine, built for the web.

Inviting external contributors has a lot of benefits to creating owned content, which then invites the question:

But external contributors don't know my product as well! How could they create good content for us?


This is what I've been calling N+1 content strategy – mostly for articles/videos.

Your product is N. The context your product fits into is the +1.

I mentioned LogRocket before. It's a front-end monitoring tool.

N = LogRocket

N+1 = Frontend performance

LogRocket fits in anywhere there could be a frontend performance concern. So when you look at their blog, it's all contributions around frontend.

It's N+1.

With Excalibur, we don't write about game engine development, or even how to use Excalibur (i.e. avoiding solution- or product-aware content). Instead we write about game development topics (unaware/problem-aware), and use Excalibur for the demos. There's a small plug for the engine but 90% of the content isn't even related to Excalibur – it's just about how these folks are approaching common game dev problems like pathfinding and AI.

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N+1 content strategy

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