This week is Microsoft Build and it's often an exciting week for me. I was lucky to attend a few times throughout my career – and now, I have no boss that can tell me to stop watching videos (but I do have a course to deliver, which is why I'm watching the keynote at 11pm 😭).

Here's my quick too long; didn't watch of the event so far:

Microsoft is basically introducing a new platform and ecosystem that companies are going to be chasing.

Imagine whatever your product does integrated natively as a plugin into Windows Copilot (the new fully integrated AI assistant for Windows), ChatGPT (which MS owns, remember), Bing Chat, and more. Where people will be working, asking questions, having AI do little tasks for them, or developers writing code. It's a bit crazy if you think about how integrated this experience will be with copilots.

It seems clear to me that Microsoft is taking aim at Apple with these announcements – they've made all the right moves to be well-positioned to own the "next-gen" ecosystem of AI apps.

Better start thinking about how your product could help developers and customers in the context they are already in.

The bit about Windows Copilot is super interesting, it's at 6:56.

Have a lovely day,

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