Big List of DevRel Metrics

So you want to measure your developer program? Here's a list of almost 50 DevRel metrics and measurements to bookmark and important diagrams from the Developer Relations book.

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Remember that these are general metrics, including many "vanity" metrics that you may not want to track if you cannot tie them to overall business objectives.

Developer Product

  • Registered developers, accounts
  • Monthly active users (telemetry or API analytics)
  • Time to 'Hello World'
  • Product usage (e.g. amount of cloud resources)
  • Direct revenue

Developer Marketing

  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Social media followers, YouTube subscribers
  • Number of page or video views
  • Average % watched over 0:30
  • Number of 'likes', comments, or replies
  • Paid advertising performance (e.g. impressions, clicks, signups), ad analytics
  • Number of newsletters opened and links clicked
  • Number of blogs written and links clicked
  • Number of events attended, and developers reached
  • Number of sponsored events / attendance
  • Unique visitors or IP addresses

Developer Education

  • Number of newsletters opened and links clicked
  • Number of quick start guides written and their performance
  • Number of use cases written and their performance
  • Number of demo videos produced and viewed
  • Certification completions
  • Course completions
  • Learning sessions started

Developer Experience

  • Time to 'Hello World'
  • Number of code samples available
  • SDK downloads
  • GitHub activity

Developer Success

  • Number of case studies written
  • Product improvement suggestions captured

Developer Community

  • Churn rates of community members vs. non-community members
  • Lifetime value of active community members vs. active users
  • The number of questions/mentions on Stack Overflow The percentage of answered/unanswered questions on Stack Overflow
  • The number of GitHub project stars
  • The number of forks for company-hosted GitHub projects or projects that use a product library as a dependency
  • The number of community-answered questions in your Forum
  • The number of Stack Overflow or GitHub activities vs. your competitorsโ€™ stats
  • The number of content pieces written by a community member
  • Referrals by active community members


  • Product reviews
  • Awareness (via surveys)
  • Developer satisfaction score
  • Company, program, and product Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Product Earned Advocacy Score (EAS)
  • Tool usage, Target Addressable Market (TAM) penetration

Bonus Metrics and Measurements

Below are five bonuses that go a bit beyond DevRel only:

  • Net Developer Retention
  • North Star Metric
  • Earned Advocacy Score
  • Earned Growth Rate (Net Promoter 3.0)
  • Big List of Business Benefits

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