If you want to create an experience then by definition it must be memorable. "Good" isn't good enough.

Think about your last "experience." The greater the peak moments we felt during that experience, the more parts of it you probably remember. You likely bring it up sometimes. Ours typically is our summer trips – the last few years to National Parks and next summer to Peru. The peak experience in the last 10 years was our sabbatical to France – I often think of my time there.

What's the point?

The point is that creating a memorable learning experience means creating DevEd content that leaves an impression. That is content that sticks around in the minds of your audience. So they talk about it. So they spread it. So they come back to it.

The opposite of memorable is forgettable and if you create forgettable experiences, you'll definitely be stuck in an infinite loop creating greasy fast food content.

Instead, you could be creating umami-flavored tasting experiences that everybody remembers.

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The point of an experience

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