Today I have two, okay three, quick announcements for you. 🎉

New Course: React 18 Debugging Playbook

First, I am excited to share that I finished my 8th Pluralsight course this week on React debugging. You can watch the course trailer below (we're allowed to post it on YT but haven't figured that out yet).

I don't expect many of you to actually take the course since it's for React developers, but the notable thing about it is that I created a custom learning experience to go along with it that I use in the demos called the React Bug Emporium (or "React Bug Shop"):

creepy crawly delights

Each bug has different observations learners need to "collect" (aka turn green, like tests). For the course, the learning objectives were around how to think, how to identify patterns, and how to speed up the debugging process. The actual solutions to each bug are almost all 1-2 line fixes.

We're allowed to take up to 10 minutes of produced footage from the course so I'll be doing that in the next week or two to add to my YouTube course playlist.

Pluralsight Clips
Clips from my various Pluralsight courses covering Open Source, GitHub, Azure, Gatsby.js, Cypress, Ionic Framework, RavenDB, Docker, and Progressive Web Apps.

Talk Recording: Tired of Tech?

Historically I've mostly given tech talks on React and TypeScript but in the past couple years I changed it up by focusing more on personal development and growth – okay, fine, lifestyle – and have given talks on personal finance and now, taking sabbaticals. Originally I submitted a 50-minute talk to React Summit but ended up doing an 8-minute lightning talk. It was a challenge to fit everything I wanted to say into 8 minutes but I think I did it plus I even provided a worksheet to go along with it.

You can watch the recording if you sign up for a free GitNation account or wait 16 days, and I'll make the video available on my YT channel.

Finally, as I mentioned yesterday, the 10th Annual DevRel Survey is live – so get in there and make your voice heard. The survey was really helpful for me coming into the DevRel space fresh, plus I think the community appreciates the insights it provides – like that 41% of respondents say that endless content creation is their biggest challenge (content automation? GenAI? ContentOps? DAMs? Bueller???).

Have a lovely day,

📢 New course release and React Summit recording

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