Imagine you were taking a look at PostHog and as a developer, you skip the homepage and shoot on over to the docs (like you do).

What do you think is happening in your mind IF you see a Guides section with things like...

  • Create cumulative time series charts
  • Send dashboards as scheduled emails
  • Generate PDF reports for scheduled exports
  • Integrate traffic data from Segment
  • How to send custom events
  • Disable session replay for EU users
  • Customize a retention chart
  • ...etc

You would be thinking:

Gee, PostHog's got it all!

How-to guides are an excellent proxy for your product's capabilities. They tell people what you do.

So for the love of God, stop hiding them and SHOW 👏 THEM 👏 OFF.

Nice job, PostHog 🫡

Have a lovely day,

Guides are a proxy for what you (actually) do

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