You will probably hear me (or see me) use the term "developer learning experience."

An experience leaves an impression on us. If I go to a restaurant and the food comes out cold, I will experience a negative impression of the restaurant.

A developer learning experience is any experience a developer learns from.

The key is that it is an all-inclusive term agnostic of format, medium, or kind of instruction. It could be an interaction with product docs, a course, a tutorial, a webinar, a conference talk, a workshop, a GitHub discussion, a sample app, a game – anywhere where a developer is learning how to use your product or how your product fits into their context. All of those interactions leave an impression that cumulatively leads to an overall learning experience.

Just like DX is any experience a developer has developing with your software.

Just like UX is any experience a user has interacting with your website.

How do DLX and DevEd play together?

Just like DX or UX, it can be designed.

"Doing DevEd" is the intentional design of developer learning experiences around your product. And just as you would want to design a frictionless API to have a smooth developer experience, you want to design frictionless educational content to have a smooth developer learning experience.

What do you think?

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What's a Developer Learning Experience (DLX)?

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