My primary machine is a PC, not a Mac, and for the longest time, it was lacking good tools to use for managing windows (oh, the irony).  

I have an ultrawide monitor and I love it but it makes window management hard. On Windows 10+ you can use the Windows key + left/right arrows to move windows around but only to split vertically and it isn't designed for exact sizing.

Enter PowerToys.

This is a daily tool I use to help make my life easier (in addition to Win + . (dot) which is the emoji picker) – it's got all sorts of cool toys.

A fav of mine is the Color Picker but another is FancyZones which is freaking awesome as it allows you to organize a big monitor into smaller zones.

When recording, you often need to get window sizes exactly right to capture properly. With FancyZones, you can define a layout for your monitor that will let you drag windows (while holding the Shift key) into fixed regions of your monitor that are exactly sized correctly.

I created a Recording window layout that uses a 1080p region for the main recording and smaller views for scripts, timers, etc. I might be relying on.

This saves me at least a few minutes of annoying window resizing every time I record videos.

Have a lovely day,

On Windows? I use Fancy Zones to help with recording

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