Instead, summarize the key points as if the learner was going to get a pop quiz. Lay out what's relevant and valuable to the learner in their context.

Here's a poor example:

In this video, you learned:

- How to write a React component
- How to export a React component
- How to consume a React component from another module

This can simply be deleted as the person doesn't need a reminder of what they just watched.

Here's a better one:

In this video, you learned:

- Most React components you write will be functions as these can take advantage of hooks but you may also see class-based components in legacy applications
- All React components start with a capital letter which designates to the React runtime that it is not a JSX element
- Exporting a React component means it can be shared within the app. If you wanted to keep it internal, you would not use the export keyword

This actually helps me remember key points I might not have put together while watching and these would likely be things you'd test later.

Have a lovely day,

Don't repeat what you just said at the end of a video

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